Teacher Appreciation

We love our teachers. Below are some of the best ways you can directly support our faculty and staff.

How Can I Recognize Teachers in a Monetary Way?

The first way to support Great Hearts teachers is by supporting the Annual Community Investment Campaign with a gift of $125/month ($1,500 annually) per student enrolled. These funds allow teachers the resources needed to offer Great Hearts scholars the best education possible.

Community Investment provides services

I am a Community Investment supporter and would like to give an additional gift of support to teachers directly. How can I do that?

There are two ways families may provide direct financial support to teachers.

Over $1.2 million has been distributed in bonus compensation since the fund’s inception in 2017. Gift ranges are anywhere from $1 with no cap to support.

Teacher Excellence Fund impact results

  • Holiday Teacher Appreciation (i.e., Snowstorm & like activities currently held by local Parent Service Organizations) – The purpose of this holiday tradition was founded on the premise of replacing the multiplicity of trinket offering that teachers would historically receive as a gift a ‘thanks’ during the holidays. In lieu of coffee mugs and other like gifting, parents of students may make a small monetary gift de minimis as an offering of thanks to teachers within their own community during the holiday gift giving season. Gift ranges are anywhere from $1 and capped at $500.00 in compliance with current gift acceptance policies. The lower giving threshold also provides equalization amongst all teachers across Great Hearts Arizona and honors the historical intent of the initiative.

Donate to the following:
Community Investment | Teacher Excellence Fund | Holiday Appreciation