Great Hearts Curriculum

Great Hearts | K-12 Curriculum Overview

Great Hearts | K-12 Curriculum Overview

While students will learn at different paces, we believe that true education is a matter of development over time and within a stable community. At Great Hearts we give our students individualized attention, but always within a common, one-track curriculum. Please explore our reading lists and curriculum sequences.

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Great Hearts Reading Lists

Great Hearts Reading Lists

View books, short stories, poems, historical documents, papers, and more that our students read during their time at Great Hearts.

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The Pillars of a Great Hearts Academy

The Pillars of a Great Hearts Academy

We emphasize that in order for students to become great-hearted leaders they must share in a knowledge that is rooted in the humanities, sciences and fine arts. Great Hearts is founded on certain pillars that orient the efforts of students and teachers alike as they cultivate their hearts and minds in the pursuit of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

Great Hearts' Pillars

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