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4801 E. Washington St., Suite 250
Phoenix, AZ 85034

12500 San Pedro Ave., Suite 500
San Antonio, TX 78216

Arizona General Inquiries
602.438.7045 or Email

Texas General Inquiries
210.888.9475 or Email

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Please review our Accessibility Statement here.

Marketing Inquiries
Shannon Richards
Creative Services and Multi-Media Productions

Donation Inquiries

National & Arizona Partnerships

Dr. Daniel Scoggin
Co-founder of Great Hearts & President, Great Hearts Foundation
Phone: 480.682.7604

Texas Partnerships

Dejah Behnke
Vice President of Advancement
Phone: 210.882.0842


Arizona Careers

Jacob van Leeuwen
National Faculty Talent Manager
Phone: 480.222.1512

AZ Human Resources
Phone: 602.438.7045 ext.7

Arizona Professional Development

Jerilyn Olson
Vice President of Professional Development
Phone: 602.396.7568

Texas Careers

Bobby Goodrich
National Faculty Talent Manager
Phone: 469.759.3030

TX Human Resources
Phone: 210.888.9475 ext.4

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Great Hearts operates 33 tuition-free K-12 charter schools throughout Arizona and Texas, with more schools opening soon. Explore our academies or apply for enrollment.

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