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Great Hearts Academies August 12, 2022

Great Hearts Latin Teacher Featured for Inspiring Work

There is a traditional proverb that states, “Experience is the best teacher.” This statement rang true for a Great Hearts teacher who was recently interviewed by The Foothills Focus for his work this summer applying his expert knowledge of an ancient language. Joshua Anthony graduated in May 2020 from the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s […] Read More »
Great Hearts Academies August 10, 2022

Great Hearts Welcomes New Academies

Today we celebrate the first day of school at the new additions to the prestigious Great Hearts network of classical liberal arts preparatory academies.  The first day of school traditionally invokes excitement and wonder.  Add the element of a new school and the atmosphere becomes pure magic in the eyes our scholars and their families.  […] Read More »
Great Hearts Academies August 9, 2022

A Celebration of Poetry

5th grader Isaac Mendez was named the 2022 Great Hearts Arizona Bard last April.  At the time, Isaac had just entered his first year at Great Hearts Archway Trivium East (now  Great Hearts Roosevelt in Buckeye).  His winning recitation of Art vs. Trade by James Weldon Johnson was delivered with clarity and a maturity beyond […] Read More »
Great Hearts America August 8, 2022

The Six Loves: Virtue

At Great Hearts, we believe the word virtue is the most important word in understanding the purpose of classical education.  An education intent on the cultivation of virtue stands in contrast to the recent history in American education of focusing mostly or only on data and outcomes for children.  In a very important sense, our […] Read More »