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Great Hearts America August 2, 2022

Faculty and Staff Reach New Heights at Summit

“The Great Hearts summit is an opportunity to kick off the year as a region,” explained Arizona Superintendent Brandon Crowe.  “We want to remind ourselves of our collective and shared calling by focusing on the core of our work in one place, together.  Gathering reminds us of our shared work and that we are not […] Read More »
Great Hearts America July 28, 2022

Waitlist Movement and Offers: What You Need to Know

The education that Great Hearts offers is in high demand.  While this is exciting news for our Great Hearts family, we realize that it also means waitlists and delayed offers can be an inconvenient biproduct.   As the school year begins, we tend to see movement and open positions in our academies within the first […] Read More »
Great Hearts America July 25, 2022

The Right Fuel for our Scholars

As we return to school next week, it’s time to transition habits and routines for our scholars to perform at their best during the academic day. Last week, we talked about impacts that sleep can make to support success at school.  Today, we will discuss the link between nutrition and academic performance. Snacks often conjure […] Read More »
Great Hearts America July 22, 2022

Celebrating a Thriving Middle School League

If the Great Hearts Arizona Middle School League were a scholar, it would be entering its junior year.  The league, which began in 2008 with only six Great Hearts Academies, has grown to 33 schools with over 350 teams competing. Great Hearts Arizona Director of Athletics, Jon Rickey, credits much of the growth and success […] Read More »
Great Hearts America July 21, 2022

Great Hearts by the Numbers

Congratulations to the Great Hearts class of 2022. This year, Great Hearts scholars far surpassed their peers across the nation in meaningful measures.  The 729 graduates from the Great Hearts Class of 2022 earned more than $76 million in scholarships; scored +129 above the national average on the SAT; and scored +6.2 on the ACT.  […] Read More »