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Great Hearts America August 5, 2022

Working to Renew the Tradition of Classical Education

For the past four years, Robert Jackson has led the Great Hearts Institute (GHI), formerly known as the Institute for Classical Education. The Institute works to renew the tradition of classical education by directly supporting educators, school leaders, and families in collaboration with nationally recognized experts. Specifically, the Great Hearts Institute hosts experts and scholars […] Read More »
Great Hearts America August 4, 2022

Steps to Take Some of the Sting out of Starting Kindergarten

Life is full of “firsts.”  Your first love, your first car, your first job, your first home and many more inaugural milestones along the way.  As a new parent, there is nothing that can prepare you for your first child and all the internal turmoil that comes with this new responsibility.  And just when you […] Read More »
Great Hearts America August 3, 2022

First Day Feelings

The first day of school has finally arrived for the scholars and faculty at Scottdale Prep and Archway Scottsdale.  “It was the best Great Hearts first day drop-off I have ever experienced,” explained Jack Kersting, Archway Scottsdale’s Headmaster.  “Lots of positive energy today from students, faculty, staff, and parents!” The first day of school can evoke a variety of emotions.  For […] Read More »
Great Hearts America August 2, 2022

Creating Space to Learn

The pursuit of the True, the Good, and the Beautiful translates through to every aspect of Great Hearts academies.  This philosophy carries throughout, even into the strategies behind how classrooms are set up.  Teachers have spent countless hours over the last few weeks of summer reviewing the curriculum, attending training, and preparing their classrooms to […] Read More »
Great Hearts America August 2, 2022

Faculty and Staff Reach New Heights at Summit

“The Great Hearts summit is an opportunity to kick off the year as a region,” explained Arizona Superintendent Brandon Crowe.  “We want to remind ourselves of our collective and shared calling by focusing on the core of our work in one place, together.  Gathering reminds us of our shared work and that we are not […] Read More »