Waitlist Movement and Offers: What You Need to Know

Great Hearts America July 28, 2022

Students eager to answer in classThe education that Great Hearts offers is in high demand.  While this is exciting news for our Great Hearts family, we realize that it also means waitlists and delayed offers can be an inconvenient biproduct.   As the school year begins, we tend to see movement and open positions in our academies within the first few weeks. Please watch for possible communications from the academies to which you applied, as offer emails and text messages go out into the first few weeks of the school year. These offer emails and text messages will contain specific deadlines as set by each Academy.

With this movement happening after the school year begins, your family will need to decide how to handle an offer while your student is already attending another school.  As a reminder, you can always view your waitlist number on the Enrollment Portal.  Access the Arizona Enrollment Portal or the Texas Enrollment Portal.

In the meantime, here are 5 tips that the Enrollment Team says will improve your chances of receiving an offer.

  1. Apply to multiple Academies (Arizona or Texas)
  2. Be willing to accept an offer into a Great Hearts academy mid-year
  3. If you are enrolling siblings/multiple students, alert the Academy by contacting its front office. Once one student is enrolled, their sibling will move up on the waitlist, increasing that sibling’s chance of receiving an offer
  4. If you receive an offer from your 2nd or 3rd choice Academy, we strongly encourage you to accept that offer. You will remain on the waitlist for your 1st choice Academy
  5. After attending an Academy for one year, you can submit a transfer request form which will add Priority Status to your application. Priority Status will move your student up the waitlist at your 1st choice Academy, increasing your chances of receiving an offer
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