Veritas Prep Gives Back to the Community

Veritas Prep March 26, 2024

Students at a food packaging event

Veritas Prep’s volunteer group, “Great Hearts Great Hands” recently participated in the Eighth Annual Arcadia Cares – Food for Kidz Packathon. The volunteer group is comprised of 60 dedicated student members who are making a significant impact in their community through service. Last year alone, these students volunteered over 1,400 hours, demonstrating their commitment to fostering a culture of compassion and community engagement.

The goal of the event was to pack 100,000 meals. Alongside other volunteer groups, they packed nutritious meals with beans, rice, soy, vitamins, and dehydrated vegetables as well as oatmeal packs. They are individual packs that provide a day’s worth of vitamins and nutrients. These help children grow up strong to fight off malaria, measles, dysentery, and other diseases. These packaged meals will be distributed both to the Navajo Reservation and internationally.

Students at a food packaging event

“The Veritas community was amazing,” said Ginny Cardenas, the media coordinator for Veritas Prep. “We had over 60 volunteers, students and parents, over the two days.” Cardenas said they exceeded their goal with 136,136 meals purchased and packed by over 550 dedicated volunteers. “75% of the meals have been delivered to Valley View Community Food Bank for distribution in the Phoenix metro area and to the Navajo Lutheran Mission in Rock Point, AZ. The remaining 27% will be delivered overseas.”

The impressive amount of time and energy that goes into these projects like this one underscore their dedication to making a positive impact. It is a testament to the collective efforts of the students in giving back to the Veritas community and beyond. Whether it was organizing events, participating in community celebrations, or contributing to art and culture, these students demonstrated the power of unity in service.

Students at a food packaging event

Veritas Prep’s “Great Hearts Great Hands” is more than just a volunteer group; it is a force for positive change within the Veritas community. With a strong group of student members and an impressive track record of volunteering hours, this group exemplifies the spirit of community service. As they continue to engage in diverse activities and plan for future initiatives, “Great Hearts Great Hands” is undoubtedly leaving a lasting and positive impact on the Veritas community and beyond.

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