Two Great Hearts Dads Deliver When It Counts

Glendale Prep & Archway Glendale June 6, 2023

Kevin Janssen and Steven Konik with Glendale Fire Department

As children, many of us have looked to our fathers as the heroes of our family. But two families from Glendale Prep and Archway Glendale recently found their dads recognized as local heroes in the community when a Facebook post went viral and received local media coverage from both ABC15 and 12 News. The two dads, Kevin Janssen and Steven Konik, both paramedics for Engine 156 of the Glendale Fire Department, answered the call to aid in the delivery of a newborn. The post that included a photo of both men with the newborn garnered a lot of praise for a job well done as well as several comments regarding the prominent mustaches that both paramedics adorn.

The Janssen FamilyKevin Janssen is husband to Rachel Janssen, an ESS teacher and 504 Coordinator at Glendale Prep, and father to Ava, an 11th grader, and Addi, a 10th grader, both at Glendale Prep. “This past Friday evening, our engine was dispatched to a childbirth call,” said Kevin. “On the way to the address, a message from the alarm room let us know that the baby was just delivered which meant we were now heading to a two-patient call.  When we arrived, mom was sitting on the floor holding the baby in her arms.  We clamped and cut the cord. Steve and I tended to the baby while the other half of our crew cared for mom.  I wrapped the baby up and prepared for transport to the hospital, relieved that both mom and baby were doing so well.  It was a joy to experience the grandmother and big sister meeting the baby for the first time as we came down the stairs.  This is when Grandma snapped the photo of Steve and me.”

Kevin Janssen with his daughtersBoth of Janssen’s daughters admit they don’t typically hear too much about their dad’s calls. “Most of the calls I’ve seen photos of are cars after the people have been taken to the hospital or the remnants of a house and belongings scattered, so seeing that my dad was able to help a family welcome a healthy baby and leave the call with a happy ending was pretty cool,” said Ava.

“I know that my dad has run into burning buildings and has had to work to save people in car accidents and even shootings, but those are often just ‘stories’ we hear.  Seeing the photo of my dad holding the baby reminded me that he does do some amazing things at work,” said Addi.

Ava added, “I’m not sure what all the hype over the mustaches was though!”

The Konik Family“It was great to be a part of a special moment in their life. A call like this makes what we do extra special,” added Steven Konik. Konik has two sons, Parker, a 3rd grader at Archway Glendale and Ethan, an 8th grader at Glendale Prep. Parker said his favorite thing about his dad is that he helps people, but he thought it was funny seeing his dad on TV. “[I] thought it was pretty cool that dad assisted people bringing a baby into the world and seeing him on the news was really neat, knowing how special it was to [the parents] and sharing a good story,” said Ethan.

Mother and baby are doing well and already home thanks to these dads who answered the call for help. And they have a great story to tell at each birthday celebration. These students have every right to be proud of their incredible dads who exhibit virtue in their jobs every day. It is great-hearted families like these that make up the extraordinary and diverse communities pursuing Truth, Goodness, and Beauty at each of our academies.

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