Trivium Preparatory Places 1st and 3rd in the Annual Arizona Envirothon

Trivium Preparatory Academy April 15, 2021

students standing in libraryCongratulations to Trivium Prep’s Envirothon teams who placed 1st and 3rd in the annual Arizona Envirothon competition on April 9, 2021! This year, students competed virtually in areas of study such as aquatic ecology, soils and land use, wildlife, forestry, and a current environmental theme of “Water Resource Management: Local Control and Local Solutions.” The students and their coach, Kelly Briggs, prepared for the competition throughout the year with assistance from natural resource professionals. Students presented their ideas and knowledge to industry experts through written tests and an oral presentation.

  • Trivium’s Team 1 (Lindsey Bell, Amanda Murphy, Dante Testini, Dallin Widowski, and Jing Xu) took first place overall and will represent Arizona in the national NCF Envirothon competition this summer. In addition to winning first place overall, they also took first place in all 4 of the ecostations (Forestry, Wildlife, Aquatic Ecology and Soils).
  • Trivium’s Team 2 (Zoe Delgado, Tyler Johnson, Thomas Tanzer, Daniel Dorathy, and Sabrina Sutlief) placed third overall and won second place in Aquatic Ecology and 3rd in Wildlife.
  • Trivium’s Team 3 (Ethan Barsch, Amelia Davis, Ella Marshall, Peter Stefan, and Sara Stefan), which was brand-new to Envirothon this year placed second in Soils.

students standing in libraryTrivium coach, Ms. Briggs shared, “’We can go the distance’ seemed to be their theme for the year. These students were incredibly motivated to be part of a competition that promotes the environment, science and fun. These teams focused on water conservation, thinking outside of the box, especially with concepts on how to promote agriculture during times of drought. Much of their learning was inspired by the current water shortage with Lake Mead.”

Congratulations, Knights!!

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