Teacher Feature: Get to Know Trivium Prep’s James Manion

Trivium Preparatory Academy April 19, 2017

James Manion has been a teacher at Great Hearts’ Trivium Preparatory academy in Goodyear, Arizona, since 2012.

Manion is a Hillsdale College alumni who majored in both Political Economics and Religious Studies.

Now? Manion is both a 7th and 8th grade history teacher at Trivium Prep in Goodyear, one who sees the subject of history to be an important subject to be emphasized in any curriculum, and Great Hearts has been able to act as a platform for him to share those ideals with scholars.

“While other schools may treat history as a lesser subject, we see history as a vital source of truth. It is both a teacher of practical and moral wisdom,” said Manion.

“We do not simply memorize facts and dates; history has been the desk on which my students and I have had the opportunity to gain a sense of our own humanity, to sharpen our skills of logic, and to read stories of men and women who demonstrate qualities that we wish to either imitate or avoid.”

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