The Great Hearts network is committed to providing students with the education they deserve

As charter school students, our scholars receive less public funding than district school students. However, each campus in the Great Hearts network is committed to offering our students more than they would receive at a district school. We are committed to providing students with the education they deserve, a Great Hearts education.

A Great Hearts education transforms students into great-hearted leaders who are prepared for the 21st century. Student are taught the skills necessary for success: the ability to innovate through creativity, the ability to communicate clearly, the ability to apply critical thought through analysis and questioning the world around us and the rigorous strengthening of character that leads to ethical judgment and integrity.

In addition to the world-class education they receive inside our classrooms, our students also take part in robust athletics and co-curricular programs that are specially designed to continue the transformation of our students into the great-hearted leaders they will become.

To make this possible, we are honored to partner with our families and community supporters through our fundraising efforts. Only through support of these programs can we provide essential funding for the exceptional educational opportunities given to your children:

  • Community Investment Campaign: This annual fund covers the gap between what we need to deliver the top-tier education that your children deserve and what we receive from public funding.
  • Tax Credit Drive: This program allows Arizona taxpayers to contribute to the extra-curricular and character-building programs at the Great Hearts academy of their choice and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on their state taxes.
  • Greater Good Fund: This fund allows the teachers at our Title 1 school, Maryvale Prep, to offer the Great Hearts education to our students in  low-income neighborhoods in Phoenix.
  • Great Hearts Gala: This event is a celebration of Great Hearts but most importantly, it is a time to recognize our greatest asset: our teachers. All funds raised through the Gala will support our teacher enrichment programs.

If you have any questions about our fundraising efforts, please contact the development office at 602-774-3663.