Great Hearts Summer Programs

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Great Hearts Summer Programs

Weekly Camps from June 4 – 29, 2018

Our Great Hearts team is excited to announce our new and improved summer program – Summer Camp! We have created a full-day experience that is reminiscent of traditional camps from our childhood with the same quality you have come to expect from Great Hearts’ classical curriculum. Each week, scholars will experience hands-on, engaging activities in fine arts, reading, writing, crafts, science, math, and history – all designed to inspire creativity and keep skills sharp over the summer. Each Camp also offers weekly guest presenters, camp songs and games while fostering lasting friendships.

No refunds after May 1st. $15 change fee per camp.

Summer Camp:

  • Engages scholars in relevant learning activities throughout the summer months.
  • Open to current Great Hearts students, waitlisted families, and students interested in experiencing the Great Hearts environment first-hand.
  • Campers are grouped appropriately by age for all activities and supervised by trained teachers.
  • Uniforms NOT required! Any Great Hearts purchased shirt or solid color shirt allowed. Sneakers and shorts highly encouraged (navy, khaki and black only, not form fitting or above thigh). We cannot allow flip-flops or sandals.
  • Wonderful guest vendors will be a part of each week’s unique schedule.
  • Friendship, citizenship and laughter seen and heard, Monday – Friday!

Kinder Academy:

  • Daily, four hour camp designed to ignite creativity for incoming Kindergarteners and acclimate them to the Archway Schools and Great Hearts curriculum.
  • Each week, students experience a new theme and are taken on an adventure to practice the skills needed in Kindergarten.
  • Students introduced to letter names, letter sounds, letter formation, print awareness, number sense and the importance of the Archway virtues.

Archway Readiness:

  • This highly-recommended, faculty led course is designed to serve NEW 1st-6th grade students entering an Archway school for the first time.
  • An overview of key concepts and skills will be given in Singapore Math, Spalding Phonics, Core Knowledge, grammar, literature and the Archway virtues.
  • Archway Readiness is offered at our Cicero and North Phoenix locations only but is open to all new students.

Click a campus below to register or see campus schedule for Summer Camp:

Note: Summer Camp will not be hosted at Archway Veritas this year due to the expansion renovations. If your child attends Veritas, please register for the academy closest to you. Archway Cicero is just 8 miles away from Veritas and Archway North Phoenix is 12.5 miles from Veritas.

Summer Camps will also not be hosted at Archway Scottsdale due to the move to the new campus. If your child attends Scottsdale, please register for the academy closest to you.  North Phoenix is just 7 miles from Archway Scottsdale and Archway Cicero is 12.5 miles from Archway Scottsdale.

Quotes from our previous Summer Program families:

“We are so thankful Arete offers Kinder academy for incoming students.  It relieves a lot of anxiety for parents and students entering into the next chapter.  It’s been good “practice” for all of us and I know the first day of school will go smoothly because my children have become familiar with the school environment, classrooms, teachers and expectations.  They are also enjoying themselves and I’ve seen improvement in their worksheets while attending the academy.   I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to help with your families transition into Kindergarten.”

“I was beyond thrilled in all the wonderful projects the boys came home with and the quality of the work.”

“All of the teachers/staff I interacted with were very nice and were always there with a smile on their face. It helped me to know that my child was in a safe and caring environment.”

“This is the best camp we have ever been a part of – and [my daughter] has already been in school for three years. On the first day, she came home more excited than she’d ever been at school and having done more work in that one afternoon than she did in a month at her former school. She was telling us about science and making Flubber, her handwriting improved even in ONE week, and she said she LOVED school.”

“After a spring semester of being bored to tears in his current elementary school, I watched my son regain his enthusiasm for schooling through the 2 weeks he spent in this camp. We had discussions at the dinner table about what he learned and he continued to read and create projects at home in the evenings inspired by his time in camp. [His] experience was a testament to the effectiveness of inquiry-based, project-based, and experiential learning.”

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