Step-By-Step Guide To Build Anthem Prep’s Eco-Friendly Garden At Home

Anthem Preparatory Academy April 5, 2017

Anthem Preparatory Academy is celebrating Earth Day everyday with their Eco-friendly garden. The academy’s  garden is made from recycled materials to accentuate the meaning of conservation/recycling. The school has Tire Garden Beds, Gallon Jug Planters, and Bottle Towers made from 32 oz. Gatorade and POWERADE bottles.

The sports drinks were chosen for the Garden Tower because the plastic is thicker than common water bottles and are therefore more sturdy. In addition to re-using the bottles (which would normally be tossed out) in the garden, these towers also save water! Each tower is watered from the top, which then travels down to the soil in each bottle through holes in the lids that were added with nails. The residual water collects in the bottom bottle and then is re-used to water again at the top of the tower.

These bottle towers are easy to make, and can include up to seven bottles (counting the top bottle where it is watered from and the bottom bottle where the residual water collects. The middle bottles are where the soil and seeds are placed).

Step-By-Step Directions To Build Your Own Tower Garden:

1)   Remove the wrapper from the bottle and the plastic ring that is located underneath the cap. It’s the “ring” of plastic that becomes loose when the lid is twisted off. Make sure you keep the bottle cap.

2)   Using a utility knife, remove ONE of the vertical “POWERADE” rectangular sections on the side of each bottle (cut directly along its perforation which is already on the bottle. If using a “Gatorade” bottle, cut a 1 and 1/2 “x 2’’ rectangle vertically) EXCEPT for the bottom bottle where the residual water will collect and the top bottle where you will water from.

3)   Using a 1 and ¾‘’ hole saw, cut a hole in the bottom of all the bottles EXCEPT for the one that will be at the top to add water.

4)   Using a hammer and nail, add 4 holes in each lid EXCEPT for the bottom bottle where the residual water will collect.

5)   Without the lids on the bottles, connect each bottle vertically so that they are all facing the same way using the hole in the bottom. Once the mouth of the bottle is inserted into the one below it, screw its cap on through the rectangular hole on the side of the bottle that was previously cut out. This keeps the bottles from slipping out and locks them in place.

6)   Insert the 2nd to last bottle in the bottom of the last bottle WITH ITS LID ON since there is no hole in last bottle to reach in and attach it.

7)   Cut ¾’’ from bottom of the top bottle all the way around so that the bottom of the bottle is completely removed.

8)   With a hole puncher, add holes directly across from each other at the top of the bottle where you have just cut.

9)   Thread heavy duty cord, string, or wire through the holes and hang bottle tower.

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