The Significance of Art at Great Hearts

Archway Veritas May 11, 2017

For years, schools across the country have consistently cut down their budgets, and in more cases than not, the first program(s) to go are typically those of the arts and/or humanities.

But at Great Hearts, the arts program is of considerable importance. Which acts as no prodigious surprise, as Great Hearts has a classical liberal arts curriculum across all of its academies. But some may ask: just how important is the art program in comparison to the other programs at Great Hearts?

“Art is a priority at Archway Veritas and is equal to other subject areas in terms of budget, planning, and the expectation that every student participates,” said Elizabeth Burch, an art instructor at Great Hearts’ Archway Veritas Academy in Scottsdale. “What we have done with our curriculum is make sure that the students are learning the skills and techniques that help them have confidence in creating something special and creative.”

Moreover, art at the institution is more than just a fun or creative elective. As the arts programs are not just something that students may opt-into, but more so, is instilled into students’ weekly learnings just as math and English are. It’s a norm, and more notably, it’s a standard for all students at the academy.

“We use our time in the classroom to build each child’s artistic abilities,” said Burch. “We believe that art is for everyone and it is a way to interact with the world in how we approach how we see things. We create an environment where the children get to experience the beauty and not just learn about it.”

We thank teachers like Ms. Burch for fostering an environment where creativity within each and every student can be drawn out and capitalized upon.

You can find out more about the Great Hearts curriculum here.

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