Senior Spotlight: Rachel Hartenbower

Anthem Preparatory Academy March 2, 2018
Rachel Hartenbower

Anthem Prep Senior, Rachel Hartenbower

Anthem Prep Senior, Rachel Hartenbower, is a witty young scholar with a fierce appetite for learning. She is passionate about all that she pursues, but in particular, her love for writing and reading stands out. Rachel remarks, “I developed a love of books and learned how to closely evaluate what was in front of me and come to reasonable conclusions. I also…have become passionate about furthering my knowledge of books and language.” Rachel has developed a keen skill for creatively forming an argument, whether during seminar discussions or through a written assignment. As one of Rachel’s teachers emphasizes, “she has a zeal for discovering truth.”

During her high school years, Rachel put forth her best effort in all arenas of her life, including playing softball for APA, engaging in academic pursuits outside of the classroom, and regularly leading activities at her church. Through her experience at Anthem Prep, Rachel has strengthened her desire to serve others and create a better environment for her communities. Rachel illustrates, “I plan on using the skills I have learned at Anthem Prep and what I will learn in college to profess my faith. My ultimate goal in all things I do is to serve the Lord.” She loves to engage others, students and faculty alike, in great conversations surrounding literature, philosophy, and anything else that addresses the soul. We are thrilled for Rachel’s accomplishments and look forward to hearing about the inspiring work she will achieve in the future at Boyce College in Kentucky.


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