Senior Spotlight: Omair Neazi

Glendale Preparatory Academy March 2, 2018

Omair Neazi, Glendale Preparatory

Omair Neazi has made a lifelong impression on all of those he has had a chance to meet and interact with here at Glendale Preparatory Academy. While he never brags about his achievements, there is much about this young man that makes him extraordinary. A first generation American born to immigrants from India, Omair understands the vital importance of receiving a top-notch education, and he also values the opportunity to give back to his peers and to the school community. He has been a part of the school mentorship program since he entered high school and takes advantage of numerous chances to help his fellow students succeed which is a true reflection of the Great Hearts spirit. He has also been active in the life outside of class by playing on the school soccer team and helping to coach the middle school tennis team “because there wasn’t a high school team.”  While there are many paths that he could take in life, Omair wants to continue his education focusing on a career in the STEM field. With offers of admission from several outstanding engineering and honors programs, he has a very bright future ahead of him.

How has Glendale Preparatory Academy prepared you to succeed after graduation?

Glendale Prep’s liberal arts curriculum has given me the opportunity to not only experience subjects I wouldn’t have taken otherwise, but also to develop skills which go beyond subject matter. The curriculum attempts to build whole individuals who can succeed in life as a whole, not just in whatever career path they choose. The seminar classes allow us to have thought provoking conversations about dense topics while still respecting the thoughts and opinions of others. We learn problem solving skills through both our individual efforts and through cooperating with our classmates. Learning subjects of all kinds from math to music allows each of us to experience something we may never get to try again, and helps each student learn further what it means to be human.

What is a memory from Glendale Prep that will always stay with you?

I will always remember the amazing athletics teams I was able to be a part of at GP. Throughout my time at Glendale Prep I participated in multiple middle school and high school sports which left a great impact on me each year. I was given the chance to form new friendships with people I had never spoken to as well as strengthen the ones I already had. I have spent countless hours practicing and competing with team mates which has made the bonds between us unbreakable. Our friendships don’t just exist during the season but throughout the entirety of the years we have spent together. We would laugh together from the multiple inside jokes we made each season while also pouring out our hearts into each moment of practice as athletes should. I vividly remember almost every soccer match I’ve played since sixth grade, each event I competed in for track, and each match of tennis I played while representing GP. I will always cherish the relationships and memories I was able to create by taking part in the sports offered at Glendale Prep.

What advice do you have for younger students at GP? 

I would encourage younger students to invest themselves further in each of their classes. It’s very easy to write off certain classes as boring or not worth your time because they don’t have any practical value, but I think every student can find something of interest in every single one of their classes without exception. Each of our teachers loves the subjects they teach, so find out what they love about it and maybe you can develop an interest as well. Most students I’ve met only realize the true value of the education they have been given in their final years at GP, so I would challenge the younger students to develop that appreciation ahead of time and to enjoy the opportunity they have been given rather than trudge through it.


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