Senior Spotlight: Kylie Rusick

Trivium Preparatory Academy February 5, 2018

Kylie Rusick is a senior at Trivium Preparatory Academy and was one of the founding students her 6th grade year. Kylie is a young woman who has high expectations of herself and works relentlessly to achieve her goals. Her academic achievements reflect her hard work and she has been accepted at NAU and UVU (Utah Valley University) and is waiting to hear back from several other universities.

Leadership is a word that truly personifies Kylie. She is a leader in all fields, as a youth leader at girls camp and president of her young women’s group, she is a two-year captain of the varsity volleyball and soccer team, as well as serving as a House Leader at Trivium Prep for two years.

The summer of her junior year, Kylie worked to earn money to go serve the people of Ecuador.  While in Ecuador she worked at an orphanage where she built dorms and bathrooms for disabled teens. This service has peaked her interest in pursuing a career where she will be able to serve others daily.

Kylie is always looking for the positive in all situations, and she is diligent and thoughtful in all she does. These attributes have served her well here at Trivium Prep and will continue to aid her in her college career and beyond.

Hear from Kylie:

Q: What is your favorite memory of Trivium Prep?
A: My favorite memories come from being involved with sports teams during my time at Trivium Prep. The friendships and memories we’ve made are some of my favorite.

Q: What advice would you leave to current Trivium Prep students?
A: Control the controllable, be as involved as you can. It makes it more fun and helps you make friendships that will get you through the difficult times and keep you going.

Q: What is the biggest thing you learned at Trivium Prep?
A: Hard work pays off. It’s worth it, there are a lot of life lessons to be learned as you go through the curriculum and life at school. These are things that will help me as I go into the future.

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