Senior Spotlight: Kristina Shishkova

Glendale Preparatory Academy April 9, 2018

Kristina Shishkova is the type of student that every educator looks forward to teaching. In all of her classes she is inquisitive and eager to learn whatever is being taught. Kristina enjoys and excels in all of her classes, but what most people notice about her is her amazing talent in art. Her art teacher, Mr. Collum, has this to say about her art skills, “Kristina has done phenomenal work in Art class during the years I’ve taught her. She consistently exhibits the characteristics of a true artist and scholar.” Eager to learn more about the world around her and the reasons people act as they do, Kristina took it upon herself to register and successfully complete two college level classes, one in Psychology and one in Sociology. College level classes were a new experience for her, but what she truly gained from the classes was a greater understanding and appreciation for the diversity of the world around her. She is happy to have gained new perspectives on the world and people around her. Kristina applied to and received offers of admission at several universities in Canada, but has opted to attend the University of British Columbia this autumn.

How has Glendale Preparatory Academy prepared you to succeed after graduation?

Being here has made me appreciate the fact that I need to have an expectation of myself to succeed beyond just what you learn in books. I also think that being here has helped me to develop higher level inter-personal skills. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have developed better interpersonal skills. I now know that I can carry on a conversation with a variety of people on a range of topics. Also, I am happy that I was exposed to a much wider variety of classes than I would have been if I had attended a traditional public school.

What is a memory from Glendale Prep that will always stay with you?

Every memory I have at GP will stay with me, but one that sticks out happened at the beginning of our senior year. We had a mini-retreat and we all realized that this was a memory that we would always have and we made the day incredibly special. Nothing really big happened, but we all shared some valuable time together and came together even more as a class and as friends.

What advice do you have for younger students at GP? 

It might be hard to do, but I hope the younger students will realize how special this school is and how invested your teachers are in your success. See the value in your teachers and your peers early during your time here. Always remember that the teachers really do care about you even though they may seem strict sometimes. Value what you have here while you’re here.

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