Senior Spotlight: Jack Power

Veritas Preparatory Academy February 5, 2018

Jack Power is a senior at Veritas Preparatory Academy.

Q: How long have you been a Veritas student?
A: I have attended Veritas since I was in 7th grade.

Q: What is your favorite class?  Why?
A: My favorite class is Humane Letters.  When reading the Great Books, you make your own opinion on the content, but then you quickly realize, through the class discussion, that there are many different viewpoints on the same content.  This realization forces you to evaluate your own opinion and who you are on a deeper level.

Q: What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
A: I am involved in:

  • Veritas Boys Soccer (9th-12th)
  • Veritas Baseball (9th,10th,12th)
  • Veritas Mock Trial (10th-12th)
  • Church Involvement (Youth Group, Alter Server, volunteering)
  • Boys State of Arizona (I was chosen as a Counselor to help run the program and be a mentor to the new program participants for the coming years. I was one of 24 out of 250 students selected for this role)
  • ASU Leadership Academy (I earned a $500 scholarship and was invited to a dinner featuring the Wall Street Journal editorial board member, Mary Kissell)

Q: What do you think you will major in when you get to college and why?
A: I am interested in Economics, Philosophy, and Political Science.  Ideally, I would like to double major in Economics and one of the other two.  I feel that each of these majors is grounded with problem solving and discussion, which I enjoy.  Each of these majors teaches more about how the world and people work on a deeper level.  They involve a combination of looking at the bigger picture while still taking into account the details.

Q: What are you passionate about and why?
A: My passion currently is helping others in a compassionate and open-minded manner while also doing what I love. In my high school years, this has mainly come across through Mock Trial, church volunteering, and cashiering at Safeway. I think the best way for me to advance these high school passions in my career would mean becoming a lawyer that focuses on some sort of community service rather than simply acquiring as much money as is humanly possible. I have in mind something along the lines of a public defender or becoming a judge. If I can do something like this as a career, I will have satisfied both my criteria: 1) doing what I love by enjoying the thrill of being in the courtroom and 2) helping people who don’t have anything (public defender) or helping my local community (judge).

Q: How has attending Veritas influenced your future plans?
A: Veritas has given me a desire to learn about the liberal arts in college. No matter what major I choose, I’d love to also read the Great Books and learn another language. I think Veritas has influenced my perspective with regards to my career. Veritas has opened my eyes to the idea that a fulfilling career might be better than one that makes the most money.

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