Scottsdale Spartans Commit to Play College Sports

Scottsdale Prep May 9, 2024

Three Scottsdale seniors celebrating signing their Letter of Intent to play college sports at their respective schools.

It was a big day for three seniors at Scottsdale Prep, when the student-athletes signed their letter of intent to play a collegiate sport at the respective schools they will be attending in the fall. Andrew Kulhan committed to play football at MIT (Massechusetts Institute of Technology), Nandini Patel will play tennis at Wellesley College, and Grace Ajamie will play soccer at Union University.

They signed their letters of commitment in front of their peers who cheered them on in the Scottsdale Prep gymnasium during a weekly junior and senior assembly. Their families and coaches were also invited to witness this milestone.

“It’s an honor to recognize some senior athletes that are going to be participating in college sports,” said Athletic Director, Duane Ediger as he opened the lively ceremony. “The opportunity to participate in college sports is not available to that many individuals, so the time and effort that these students have put into participating in athletics as well as performing academically in a high level is something that not many students do. Congratulations to each of you for your time and effort. It’s a privilege to have you be a part of Scottsdale Prep.”

Ediger went on to recognize the parents for their efforts to aid their students in their high school achievements and success and the coaches for the time they have invested in each student-athlete.

Scottsdale senior with his family after signing his Letter of Intent to play college football at MIT.

David Primavera was the first coach to get up and speak about Kulhan. “Andrew came to us to play football his sophomore year – and I don’t know that he had ever played football before – however he developed faster than any player we ever had in this school,” recounted Primavera. “His senior year is probably the most impressive he’s ever played on the field, and his character was amazing.”

“The playoffs were an awesome achievement for the team and that culminated in him becoming the fourth Scottsdale football player to make the All-State Team that’s selected by region winning coaches at the end of the year,” continued Primavera. “He’s an awesome example to the younger players and I also believe to seniors as well.”

And with that, Kulhan signed his letter of intent to play football for MIT, where he feels he will have a perfect combination of academic challenge and an opportunity to play his sport at a Division III level.

Scottsdale senior with her family after signing her Letter of Intent to play college tennis at Wellesley College.

Next was Patel, a tennis player with a perfect high school score. “When I emailed the Wellesley coach about Nandini, I assured him he’s getting probably the best freshman that he’s ever got in his life and somebody who loves playing on a team,” said tennis coach, Mark Tichenor, who wore a look on his face of pure honor and appreciation for Patel as he spoke about her. “Every time this young lady put that uniform on to play for Scottsdale Prep, she answered the bell, and you cannot say anything greater than that.”

Patel will be studying neuroscience – yes, you heard that right – while playing tennis at Wellesley  College, just outside of Boston. “I chose [Wellesley] because I really like the teammates. I love the location and I just really like the environment that they offered,” she said.

Scottsdale senior with her family after signing her Letter of Intent to play college soccer at Union University.

And last to sign was Ajamie, who has committed to play soccer at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. Her coach and uncle, Nick Colavita, spoke on her behalf and gave a heartfelt tribute to her athleticism as well as her character. “She became fearless. She would step into tackles… and it made her very intelligent,” he said. “When she gets called out for the Union Bulldogs, she’s going to represent you also. I can’t wait to see that.”

Ajamie went back and forth from nervous laughter to holding back tears as her coach spoke candidly about her. As she looks forward to attending Union University in the fall, she said she is thankful for the preparation that Scottsdale Prep provided for her in high school. “I think that the teachers here are great and they put so much care and passion into what they teach, and it really shows,” said Ajamie. “If you’re ever struggling with anything, they’re there to help you in class… and so I’m really grateful for the environment here.”

Ediger concluded the ceremony with a small piece of advice for the now-committed student-athletes. “I hope that you do well. Our students are going to high level academic schools and it’s not going to be an easy task. Make sure you manage your time well as you participate in sports and work on your academics and your careers in college.”

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