Rachel Zoneraich: A Student Success Story

Scottsdale Preparatory Academy December 18, 2017

Student Success Story: Scottsdale Preparatory’s Rachel Zoneraich

Rachel Zoneraich, a student at Scottsdale Preparatory

When you hear the phrase “Super Scholar,” Rachel Zoneraich from Scottsdale Preparatory Academy comes to mind.  Rachel recently won the prestigious Cameron Impact Scholarship that covers full tuition to the college of her choice.  She will be attending the University of Pennsylvania Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology.  Admitted students to this highly competitive program receive a joint degree from Wharton School of Business and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  From the UPenn website: “M&T students are exceptional individuals. They excel academically, particularly in calculus and physics courses and have taken a rigorous course load in high school. They are driven and motivated to succeed. Their extracurricular activities display true leadership and initiative above their peers. They have interests in both business and engineering as well as in the intersection of the two disciplines. A desire to learn and be challenged is also central to the M&T student. M&T’s are well-rounded, social, and certainly value a strong academic program.”  We couldn’t describe Rachel better ourselves!

Ms. Zoneraich recently received accolades at the Scottsdale Leadership Awards Banquet of 500 industry leaders at the Phoenician Resort receiving the Jenkins Youth Leadership Award.

Earlier in the year, Rachel was selected as a finalist for the Coolidge Scholarship and became a Coolidge Senator.  As a result of this distinction she attended the Coolidge Senator’s Washington Summit, an all- expense paid trip to the Capital to meet with policy experts and business leaders.  She is currently employed as a paid intern at TGen where she works in bioinformatics, analyzing DNA strands for patients with Multiple Myeloma Cancer.

Rachel is President of the Governor’s Youth Commission and also serves on the Substance Abuse Committee, using social media to curb teen alcohol and drug use.  She has also served on the Mayor’s Youth Council, and has been an integral part of the Rotary Interact Club at Scottsdale Prep currently serving as Co-President.  She has been the recipient of the Presidential Service Award (Gold) since 2015, and won the Congressional Scholastic Award from David Schweikert.   Rachel is truly an extraordinary young woman!

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