Pursuing Virtue

We believe that to unlock the unique potential of every child, to prepare this generation for the challenges ahead, we must shape them with an education that is deeply human. 

Often in our world today there is too much talking without enough listening, less civility and respect, more noise, and less space to think and reflect. This makes educating the next generation harder than ever.


  • We must teach students to listen, so they can learn how to speak.
  • We must teach them to think clearly, so they can think for themselves.
  • We must give students the wisdom of the ages, so they can bring fresh insight to the present.
  • And we must teach the young to love what is greater than themselves – Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.
  • This type of education is hard work for all involved – for students, parents, and teachers.

The Great Hearts endeavor is held together by a north star that we all seek — virtue. Ultimately, education is not just about forming smart scholars, but about forming flourishing, great-hearted human beings. We believe our students’ character and talents can spark a renaissance in civic life in which a search for what is good is the essential starting point.