Archway Graduates Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When can we submit a 2017-2018 application?


The open enrollment period dates for the 2018-2019 school year are November 13th through December 11th, 2017.

Q. Will we get an application priority status?


Applications received from graduating 5th grade students will be given “Archway Graduate” priority application status on their corresponding Prep application. Archway Graduate is the highest priority that Great Hearts Academies offers for students that enroll.

Please note: Our Archway academies work closely with our Prep academies to ensure that all of the graduating 5th graders (6th grade at Archway North Phoenix) have the option to attend their Prep academy. The hope is that all Archway 5th graders (6th grade at Archway North Phoenix) will continue on to their Prep academy through graduation. While working closely together to ensure seats are available for all Archway Graduates, there is still no guarantee that each student will receive an offer.

Q. Does my application go back through the lottery?


Although all applications received during open enrollment will enter a lottery, the graduating students from Archway academies will be given a waitlist number based on the Archway Graduate priority status, the highest priority Great Hearts offers.

Q. What if we miss open enrollment?


Applications can still be submitted even after the open enrollment period but will not be eligible for the lottery and will be considered post-open enrollment applications. These post-open enrollment applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis but still given Archway Graduate priority status. Please be aware post enrollment applications are not guaranteed an offer of enrollment. It is recommended that families apply during open enrollment since initial offers will begin January 10, 2018.

Q. Can my student go to another Great Hearts academy?


Families may also choose to apply to a Great Hearts academy other than their current Preparatory Academy but will not be eligible for “Archway Graduate” priority status. Instead, you may submit a Transfer Request form to your desired academy after your 2018-19 application for that school has been submitted. You can find a 2018-19 Transfer Request form on the Enrollment page by November 13, 2017. If all requirements are met and it is approved, your 2018-2019 application will be marked for “Transfer” priority status.