National College Decision Day

Great Hearts Academies May 1, 2023

Student with College Counselor

Graduation for our high school seniors is quickly approaching and we are just weeks away from commencement ceremonies. One of the most important decisions that seniors have faced this year was not their Senior Thesis topic or who to ask to their senior prom. The decision they have had before them with the most lasting consequences is where they will attend college.

Today marks National College Decision Day, also known as College Signing Day. It falls on the first day of May each year. However, it’s important to note that some colleges or universities may set their own deadlines, so some may have different dates to track. On this day, high school seniors who applied and were accepted into one or more colleges must confirm their enrollment with the school of their choice.

“May 1st of each year is the date in which we ask Great Hearts seniors to make their college enrollment deposit, reserving their place for the fall semester,” said Roslyn Fletcher, Great Hearts Director of College Counseling. “The enrollment deposit is the official way to demonstrate to a college that the student will be attending and can only be made at one college.”

While this marks the day of the scholars’ final decision, there are previsions for seniors who may have a change of heart. “If a student needs to make a change over the summer, they should first notify the college in which they made the original deposit before making a new deposit at a different college,” said Fletcher.

“In addition to making their enrollment deposit at one and only one college, we encourage our seniors to notify their remaining colleges that they will not be attending on or before May 1st,” advised Fletcher. “This can be a simple email to the admissions office to thank them for their offer of admission, and to notify the office that the student has decided to attend elsewhere. This practice allows admission offices to offer spots to students on their waitlists.”

Students in College Counselor's Office

College Decision Day marks the end of the college application process, which is great news for many of our scholars who have been diligently writing essays, filling out forms, meeting college representatives, touring campuses, and tracking deadlines for well over a year now. It’s the culmination of all their hard work over their school career at Great Hearts. It is the closing of one chapter in their life and the start of their next adventure.

Some scholars have known where they want to go to college for as long as they can remember. Others may have thought they knew and then changed their minds after researching all their options. Still, some may have had no idea where they want to go and may even be second guessing their decision daily. Choosing a college or university is a hard decision and one that can change the course of their lives.

These young men and women have spent their foundational years at Great Hearts in the pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. They have been taught to think deeply and to anticipate outcomes. To live to their fullest potential. And they have had their College Counselor by their side for their entire high school career. By their senior year, we can rest assured that their values are clearer than many of their peers.

What comes after College Decision Day? Seniors will get to enjoy the last days at their academies. They will revel in ceremonies, celebrations, acknowledgements, accolades, awards, and dinners. They will spend quality time with friends and family that they will soon be parting ways with. And now, the fun part of looking ahead and making plans for their upcoming life as a college student begins.

“We are very proud of the Great Hearts class of 2023 and look forward to celebrating them at Senior Dinners and commencement ceremonies later this month,” said Fletcher.

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