Ms. Opitz Fills Big Shoes with a Big Heart at Archway Veritas

Archway Veritas August 24, 2023

Megan Opitz, Headmaster at Archway VeritasMegan Opitz stepped into her new role of Headmaster at Archway Veritas after her mentor, Dr. Mary Frances Jeffries, a long-time and beloved administrator at the academy, retired from the position last year. Opitz worked under Jeffries as Assistant Head and Dean of Students where she served as an integral member of the academy’s leadership team since 2018.

“A special mentor and friend to Ms. Opitz was Dr. Mary Frances Jeffries, her predecessor who guided her through her five years as Assistant Headmaster,” said Leanne Fawcett, Great Hearts Arizona Executive Director of Lower Schools, in a letter to Veritas families last Spring. “Now, as the role becomes official, Ms. Opitz most looks forward to giving back to the community she’s been a part of for so long, as well as continuing her own growth.

Opitz began her career in education elsewhere, but in 2010, when she heard that the Archway campus at Veritas was opening, she became truly excited about what could be. “From the classical literature to the rigor and high expectations for our young students, I felt called to this community,” she said. The school’s application of Love and Logic, as well its rich curriculum, led Ms. Opitz to Veritas as a founding faculty member, where she began as a kindergarten teacher. The first class of students she served in 2011 will graduate this year with the Class of 2024.

Throughout her time at Veritas, Ms. Opitz has made great use of the resources Great Hearts provides for growth and advancement. “The leadership programs with Helen Hayes were informative in preparing me and giving opportunities to interact and learn from colleagues around the network.” Now, as the role is official, Ms. Opitz most looks forward to giving back to the community she’s been a part of for so long, as well as continuing her own growth. “Being able to have more of an impact on the community I love is most fulfilling, and going forward, I hope to grow in my own understanding and education of the classical liberal arts,” said Opitz.

“Mrs. Opitz has shown that she is the right candidate to lead Archway Veritas forward as its next permanent leader… and has rightfully earned the respect of teachers, parents, and students alike through her steadfast and wise service,” said Fawcett. “Mrs. Opitz displays a humble and joy-filled spirit and has a bright vision for the future; and most importantly, she has all the qualities we look for in a servant-leader and she deeply loves this community.”

“I am honored and privileged to step in and serve as Archway Veritas’ Headmaster. I have been a part of this community for the past twelve years and am humbled and thankful for this opportunity,” said Opitz. “Thank you for the warm welcome to my new position.”

Megan Opitz, Headmaster at Archway Veritas

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