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Great Hearts Christos January 30, 2023

Great Hearts Christos CrestGreat Hearts is expanding its school network to include Great Hearts Christos, private Christian Academies in Arizona, which will include faith formation interwoven with a time-tested classical program.

 Christos Academies are a separate, faith-based, non-profit, private school arm of the Great Hearts organization committed to creating and offering the best ecumenical Christian academies in the country. Because they are private schools, the Christos Academies’ programs can, and do, integrate Christ-centered faith formation along with the proven classical model that has made Great Hearts academies the national leader in classical education.

We believe that educating is an act of love and ennobles human dignity and, with this exciting expansion, we are looking for teachers and staff who are well-educated men and women who have developed the habits of mind and heart. You can learn more about employment and career opportunities at

Christos exists to glorify God by cultivating students who are intellectually, morally, and spiritually free. We strive for students to love: Christ, with all their heart and mind; their parents, the first teachers; living virtuously in community; Holy Scripture; learning about created reality; Western culture and the tradition of Christian thought. To learn more about the mission and philosophy, go to

You may be asking yourself what makes Great Hearts Christos stand apart from other private Christian school offerings. Christos is distinctive in its approach and use of the proven Great Hearts classical curriculum with the additional infusion of faith into the program. To learn more about its distinctions, go to

Art Teacher with StudentsThere will be tuition at Christos Academies. However, through the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship program, attendance at Great Hearts Christos will be within the reach of all families. With this new funding program in place, families can decide between two exemplary Great Hearts education options such as Great Hearts Christos, which seeks to meet increasing parent demand for private options that align with family values, especially the growing pursuit of Christian classical education. In addition, financial aid will be available for qualifying income levels. Learn more about financial aid at

If this type of education is of interest to your family and you live in Arizona, join the interest list at Families are not required to be Christian for their child/children to attend. However, parents and guardians must acknowledge and accept that their child/children will be instructed from a Christian perspective and be required to actively participate in the faith formation practices of the academy.

Christos is non-denominational and will be partnering with church leadership to create ecumenical schools on church campuses with plans to open multiple campuses across Metro Phoenix, across greater Arizona, and in the future, other states.  The first locations will be announced in the coming weeks.

Learn more about this exciting new private school on our websiteFacebook, and Instagram.  If you have any questions, please email or call 602-531-0575.

*Please note: Christos is a distinct entity, distinct modality, distinct legal entity, with distinct funding sources.

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