Great Hearts Scholars Compete in the LEGO League

Great Hearts Monte Vista South March 2, 2018

Monte Vista Lions Compete in FIRST LEGO League

A team of 12 middle school scholars from Great Hearts Monte Vista South competed in the East division of Alamo Region FIRST LEGO League.

FIRST LEGO League is a national competition that introduces students to the engineering process, and challenges students to investigate real world issues like food safety, recycling, sanitation and this year, water use. The Monte Vista Lions researched issues related to the human water cycle, and design a strategy or technology to improve the process of collecting, filtering, transporting, use, and waste processing of fresh water. Additionally, the  students develop a cooperative dynamic to demonstrate teamwork and Gracious Professionalism®. Lastly, they built and programmed their own team robot which competed in a 2 ½ minute challenge course.

With a year of experience under their belt, the team hopes to place next year.

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