Great Hearts Recognized as Highest Performing in Arizona

Great Hearts Academies November 22, 2022

Great Hearts students in hallwayGreat Hearts Arizona is the highest performing Charter Management Organization (CMO) in the state, receiving a strong letter grade A overall, according to the school report card recently released by the Arizona Department of Education.  Great Hearts Arizona also exceeded the performance of any public school district in the greater Phoenix metro area.  The entire report can be viewed at

18 of the 21 Great Hearts Arizona academies received the letter grade A.  More impressive still, is the fact that Archway Lincoln is the highest scoring elementary school in the entire state, receiving the maximum points available for both academic proficiency and academic growth (student progress from from one year to the next).

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Archway Chandler was the 10th highest performing elementary school in the state.  That means two of our elementary schools are in the top 10 schools out of 1,343 K-8 schools.  Among the traditional hybrid schools, meaning K-12 or 6-12 schools, Veritas Prep did notably well as the 10th highest scoring in this category, totaling 96 schools.

Archway Lincoln, Archway Chandler, and Archway Glendale received maximum academic proficiency points for K-8 schools, while  Glendale Prep, Scottsdale Prep, Veritas Prep, Chandler Prep, and North Phoenix Prep received maximum proficiency points for 9-12 schools.  Maryvale Prep, Glendale Prep, and Scottsdale Prep received maximum growth points for 9-12 schools.

This recognition of excellence comes as no surprise to the 24 headmasters, the 1200+ teachers, and the parents of 15,000+ students who understand the richness a classical education at Great Hearts provides in Arizona, and we graciously receive it as confirmation.  We believe it is further evidence of the total human formation of heart and mind that students experience at our academies.

Great Hearts Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Jay Heiler believes the entire Great Hearts family has had an essential hand in our continued success.  “We have no intention of letting up,” said Heiler.  “As we carry on, continuing to educate for the lifelong pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, we are so grateful to be doing so with all of you.”

Congratulations to the entire Great Hearts community, parents, faculty, students, and academies!  Open Enrollment for the 2023-24 school year is underway. Submit your application to our TUITION-FREE classical academies now to give yourself the best chance of receiving an offer. .

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