_MG_7286Great Hearts students are happier and more successful when they are given the opportunity to become involved in co-curricular programs. Co-curriculars and athletics challenge 6-12th grade students to balance their participation in practices, performances and games with their academic goals. In the process, they develop greater discipline and often experience growth in their educational progress.

Our 6-12th grade academies offer a range of activities from Latin, chess, and yearbook to various musical ensembles, art and science programs. Each of these academies offers a variety of athletic programs. You can learn more about them by visiting the Athletics page or clicking here. Each co-curricular program is led by a member of the academy faculty and varies by location.

Many of our 6-12th grade schools offer summer academies for scholars that would like to stay academically engaged year-round. Teachers enjoy crafting their own focused classes on a variety of subjects and frequently offer middle and high school students the opportunity to earn course credits during the break.

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