Glendale Preparatory Academy is recipient of the 2A Conference Sportsmanship Award

Glendale Preparatory Academy April 25, 2017

Great Hearts’ Glendale Preparatory Academy was selected as the recipient of the 2A Conference Sportsmanship Award!

“This is a high honor and one about which we are very proud,” said Brandon Crowe, headmaster at Glendale Prep.

The Glen Treadaway Award for Outstanding Sportsmanship is presented annually to a school from each of the six conferences which have demonstrated great sportsmanship from their teams, student bodies and fans.

“This award is a testament to our coaches, families and most importantly, our student athletes. I am so very proud of all of them.” said Jonathan Rickey, Glendale Preparatory’s director of athletics. “I am proud of our coaches for wanting to teach life lessons and improve the person, not just the athlete on their team; and for being examples in character for our athletes to model.

“Our parents for raising amazing young men and women. Also, understanding that we are always examples to other schools and people.

“Our student athletes for, while keeping their goals to win the game, doing so with grace, virtue, and understanding that we as athletes are always ‘Non-religious Missionaries’ to other teams and schools in behavior and sportsmanship. They understand that they are always being watched in how they react to winning and losing, and need to always be an example.”

Congratulations to Glendale Preparatory Academy for this high achievement.

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