Glendale Prep Family Will Have All 4 Kids Attending Princeton Next Year

Glendale Preparatory Academy January 11, 2018

Applying to college is nerve-racking! Especially when it’s an Ivy League school. But one Glendale Preparatory family has done this FOUR times… and all four kids were accepted.


The oldest sibling, Matt Martinez, unknowingly set a precedent for his brothers and sister when he was accepted to Princeton University. A year later it was his brother Isaac’s turn to pick a college. “Princeton had a good running club, and I did cross country and track in high school,” Isaac told Channel 3 in Phoenix during an interview.

The two now room together and occasionally run into another familiar face. Their younger sister, Alex. “I had two camps of friends. One camp would say, ‘Oh, your brothers are going to Princeton, are you going to go there too?’ before I had even applied. And another camp of friends would say, ‘You can’t go to Princeton. Your brothers are there!'” But when the decision came down to Princeton and Stanford, she chose Princeton.

And then it was the youngest sibling’s turn to decide on a college. Luke will graduate from Glendale Preparatory Academy in the spring of 2018. He took a chance and only applied to one school. “My mom and dad would always tell me, ‘No matter where you go, you know we’ll be happy.’ … So I don’t think there was pressure in that sense of family putting pressure on me to go. I feel I kind of did that myself because I was like, well, if I didn’t get in I would be the least of the siblings. The black sheep of the family.”

But Luke did get in, and come fall of 2018, the Martinez family will have all four of their kids attending Princeton.

As for their parents, they admit to being relieved that they don’t have anymore children.

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