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Trivium Prep November 29, 2022

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Mr. and Mrs. Vern and Kindy Wolfley and their five children are one of just over 50 OG Trivium families that started in the Fall of 2011 and still have enrolled scholars at Trivium. Elena ’19 was the first and only of their children to begin the year that Trivium opened. Since then, both Elena and Natalie ‘22 have graduated, with three remaining kids at Prep: Meghan ’24, Vern ’25, and Benjamin ’27. Their family has touched nearly every aspect of Trivium life, both in and out of the classroom, so the Wolfley Family legacy is a strong one. As a result, Mrs. Wolfley currently serves as a parent representative on the Trivium Prep Advisory Board, an invitation-only organization that serves to advise Headmaster Schutten and his leadership team.

The Wolfley Family“In 2010, we were introduced to Great Hearts.  We had been wanting more of an academic challenge for our children and to be part of a smaller community within the Valley of the Sun. Trivium seemed to have what we sought for our young family. Nearly 13 years later, we are still part of the Trivium Family and are grateful for our time as Trivium Knights.  I will never forget the day my first grader came home talking about Mesopotamia…it blew my mind that they would be introduced to such a topic at a young age, but they are taught a rigorous curriculum by teachers who love their subjects and, in turn, want their students to love the topics. My children have learned well, continued to advance forward in their education through graduation, and have been well-prepared for higher education and how to lead.

The culture of Trivium outside of the classroom has also won the hearts of our family.  My children have participated in sports nearly every season, learned musical instruments,participated in musical theater, competed in FFA competitions, and learned amazing art skills and how to cheer on their classmates in all their endeavors.

We know we were blessed to find Trivium in its infancy and are grateful to have been with it as it has grown. We also understand that in order to have these many opportunities for our family, we need to help provide the necessary means to help it continue. Years ago, we were asked to contribute to Community Investment at Trivium, which helps to make up for the gap in state funding with our charter school standing.  We were not able to contribute the full amount per child but were asked to contribute what we could.  It started out small, but we have been able to increase it over time through the years.  It feels good to be helping our school in a small way, but I know our giving joins with many other family donations to help our school uphold the motto of Truth, Beauty and Goodness!  Go Knights!”

-Kindy Wolfley

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