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Scottsdale Prep November 29, 2022

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Scottsdale Preps Emphasis on the Arts: Fulfilling students’ hearts

Scottsdale Prep teacher and studentScottsdale Prep strives to provide an education that cultivates students’ hearts and minds. Ms. Miller, the 7th, 8th, and 12th Studio Art teacher embodies Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. Ms. Miller found her home at Scottsdale Prep 11 years ago, after graduating with her Master’s in Fine Arts. She has continued to spread her love of traditional and classical art through her time at Scottsdale Prep. Ms. Miller has expressed her gratitude for the unique education that Great Hearts offers through a classical liberal arts education and appreciates the emphasis that Great Hearts puts on the importance of the arts. She kindly offers her amazing artistic skills to the students and truly wants her students to thrive in and out of her classroom. Ms. Miller has helped shape Scottsdale Prep into what it is today. We are sincerely thankful for Ms. Miller and her outstanding service to her students, teachers like Ms. Miller make Scottsdale Prep a unique educational experience.

Scottsdale Prep could not offer this unique outlook on a student’s experience at school without support from Community Investment. Thank you to our amazing community who continually support Scottsdale Prep. We are privileged to offer an outstanding liberal arts education, and it is all made possible by parents like you. Please consider making a Community Investment gift to support the mission of Scottsdale Prep to fulfill students’ hearts and minds while reaching our goal of $40,000.

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