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Archway Veritas November 29, 2022

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When Mrs. Julee Leathers enrolled her son Clayton in the first 6th grade class at a new charter school in Central Phoenix, she had no idea how big of a role this young Academy would play in her life. Clayton completed middle school at the Veritas Prep campus on Lincoln Drive. Mr. and Mrs. Leathers were so pleased with his education that he continued into high school at the new Veritas campus on 56th Street. On Clayton’s first day of Senior year, his little sister, Lucy, had her first day in kindergarten at Archway Veritas. Clayton graduated from Veritas Prep in 2017 and, after graduating Suma Cum Laud from ASU, returned to Veritas as the Archway Veritas Athenaeum Campus Coordinator. Lucy matriculated from Archway Veritas last year and, just as her brother did 12 years ago, started 6th grade at Veritas Prep.

As a parent, Mrs. Leathers has been an active member of the AVPSO, and continues to volunteer at PSO events. (You may remember her as the lively prize caller at the Fall Festivitas cake walk!) In 2019, Mrs. Leathers took on an even bigger role at Archway Veritas- she joined our incredible team of teachers as a kindergarten TA in Mrs. Van Leuven’s class. Always eager to serve where needed, in the subsequent years, Mrs. Leathers worked as the TA in Mrs. Van Leuven’s 1st grade class, Miss. Landtiser’s 4th grade class, and is currently the TA in Mrs. Broome’s 5th grade class. Last year, Mrs. Leathers made the bold decision to continue her college education and enrolled as a full-time student at ASU. She has been on the Dean’s List every semester and is on track to graduate with a Bachelors in Elementary Education in 2024. Mrs. Leathers says that she can’t wait to add “Lead Teacher” to her list of roles at Veritas. Mrs. Leathers, we can’t wait, either!

We highlight Mrs. Julee Leathers today as one of the many dedicated members of our community. And in this season of gratitude, we want to sincerely thank all the families and friends who continue to support our beloved Academy. Please help us celebrate the Goodness in our Archway Veritas community with a gift to Community Investment.

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