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Archway Trivium November 29, 2022

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We Give. Will You Join Us?

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and Jessica Lane have two kids at Archway Trivium. Aiden is in 4th grade, and Gemma is in 1st grade. Jessica has been an active parent volunteer with the Parent Service Organization (PSO) since arriving at Trivium in the Fall of 2018. She helped spearhead the first PSO-sponsored Mother-Son event in 2020 with a fun camp-out theme that has been replicated since then. The Lane Family frequently participates in the PSO community-building activities such as the Father-Daughter Dance and Snowstorm Photoshoot. It is not uncommon to see Jessica on campus this year volunteering to help with Teacher Appreciation events, chaperoning field trips, assisting the 4th Grade Roman Games, or taking on a Lunch shift. Anyone interested in volunteering their time like Jessica can visit the PSO volunteer webpage.

In addition to Jessica’s devotion of her time, the Lane Family has had 5 consecutive years of charitable giving through Community Investment to support Trivium. We are grateful for parent volunteers and donors like the Lane Family; the investment of both their time and resources helps ensure Trivium can truly thrive.

The Lane Family“We chose Archway Trivium five years ago because we wanted to provide our children with a strong education which also focused on good values. As regularly recommended, we donated to the Community Investment fund, but didn’t think too much of where that money was going. I signed up for the automatic monthly giving and went on with my life. When our second scholar started Kindergarten last fall, my schedule opened up and I was able to donate my time on top of my Community Investment money, but I didn’t think to change the amount I contributed to Community Investment. At the start of this school year, while watching the video during Curriculum Night, I realized I hadn’t changed my giving, but more over I realized just how much less money our school is getting than a public school. We chose to send our scholars to Great Hearts because we believe they will get a better education here, but realized we, as a community, need to help bridge the monetary gap so our scholars can have all the opportunities to make this education the best. I was like many parents, tired of always being asked for money, but it was an ah-ha moment when I truly saw the why, the gap.”

-Jessica Lane

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