Gifted Art Reminds Academies of Shared Purpose

Great Hearts Academies August 16, 2022

Stephen Philabaum and Tony Cruz with a gifted portraitGreat Hearts Roosevelt recently received a meaningful gift from a neighboring academy.  Great Hearts Anthem commissioned an artist to create an original painted portrait of Quentin Roosevelt, the namesake of the newest Great Hearts academy in Ariz.  The piece was painted by artist Cassia Savannah, an Anthem Prep alumnus who graduated last May.  Savannah’s stylized portrait was influenced by several extant photographs of Roosevelt.

Quentin Roosevelt was the youngest son of President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt and First Lady Edith Roosevelt, who became a pursuit pilot during World War I. He is the only son of a President to die in combat.  There are many tributes to his life throughout the campus, including the inspiration for the school mascots, the Roosevelt Prep Aces and the Archway Roosevelt Aviators, both a nod to his military piloting career.

Roosevelt Prep Headmaster Tony Cruz expressed his gratitude for the thoughtful contribution.  “The sharing of this hand painted portrait from the Anthem community to the Roosevelt community was a timely reminder of the uniqueness of our network.” Cruz said, “It is encouraging to be reminded that we do not stand alone in providing a classical, liberal arts education to students across the city.  Graduates continue to bless, and new students continue to be blessed by the richness of our work.  We are grateful to be a part of something so unique in our city.”

Cassia SavannahThe gift was an incredible gesture and illustrated the strong bond that is formed when hearts are aligned for a common goal.  In this case, bringing a Great Hearts education to all.  “We wanted the gift to represent the shared work we do together across the Valley,” said Anthem Prep Headmaster Zack Withers.  Great Hearts Anthem will be moving into their own new building soon as they open their doors for the first day of school on August 25.

Classical artwork can be seen throughout the campuses and this painting will be prominently displayed alongside many great works of art in the halls of the newly opened Roosevelt academy in Buckeye, Ariz.

There are still seats available for both new academies but that is not expected to last long.  If you live in the vicinity of Anthem or Buckeye and are considering a classical education at Great Hearts for your kid(s), you are encouraged to apply today to get in on the ground floor of these new academies at

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