Get to Know Glendale Prep’s 2017 Valedictorian

Glendale Preparatory Academy May 18, 2017

Margaret Waskow, Glendale Prep Valedictorian

Margaret Waskow is excited to be attending her dream college, Tufts University. She was drawn to Tufts for its excellent research and study abroad opportunities, as well as, its small class sizes, beautiful campus, and its location just outside of Boston. Margaret is planning on majoring in Chemistry with a strong likelihood of double majoring in Russian or Literature. As a true lover of learning, she plans on earning a doctorate in the sciences and teaching, or becoming a researcher – both are careers which will allow her to continue indulging in two of her true loves, reading and travel. As she prepares to move on from Glendale Prep, Margaret laments that she will miss this special place where there is always a discussion of ideas, and where students have been pushed to be the most well-rounded and virtuous people they can be, and where teachers have known and cared for their students so well. Margaret will definitely be packing her favorite book, JD Salinger’s “Franny and Zooey”, as she prepares for her next journey at Tufts.

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