Galasso Family Succeeds at Taekwondo Championships

Scottsdale Preparatory Academy April 17, 2017

Scottsdale Prep’s Francesca Galasso Wins Bronze Medal

Scottsdale Preparatory Academy’s Francesca Galasso and Alessandra Galasso took home bronze medals at the National Collegiate & High School National Championships for Taekwondo.

These competitions fall under the National Collegiate Taekwondo Association (NCTA). This year’s contest was the 42nd annual event, and was held at the University of California, San Diego.

Additionally, the fourth annual NCTA High School Championships were held this year, which runs in conjunction with the collegiate event.

The high school championship included black belt sparring and black belt sport poomsae (on both the individual and team level).

This achievement is significant in the world of Olympic Taekwondo.

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