First Day Feelings

Great Hearts America August 3, 2022

Mrs. Benham greeting students in drop-off lineThe first day of school has finally arrived for the scholars and faculty at Scottdale Prep and Archway Scottsdale.  “It was the best Great Hearts first day drop-off I have ever experienced,” explained Jack Kersting, Archway Scottsdale’s Headmaster.  “Lots of positive energy today from students, faculty, staff, and parents!”

The first day of school can evoke a variety of emotions.  For the teachers, it’s excitement to see the return of their scholars and the return to the routine of the academic year. For our scholars, emotions can range from a bit of nervousness to extreme excitement.

But let’s take a moment to be honest. The hustle and bustle on the first day of school is likely hitting you harder than your kids, especially in those first few moments of drop-off.  During the last few weeks you’ve hunted for the right pair of shoes, made sure the uniforms fit correctly, and double checked the school supply and reading lists before adding that last-minute order to your Amazon cart.  The morning at home might be hit with challenges, like when your kids decide to move slower than ever now that they have somewhere to be, or maybe with the stress of everything you forgot to pack their lunch, or even worse, maybe your entire family overslept.  Statistically speaking, it is assumed that the drive to school included a meltdown… likely from one of the adults in the vehicle.

All that preparation and occasional frustration has led up to that single moment the car door opens and your child runs for the school entrance without looking back.  And there you sit, waving to the back of your child’s head, wishing there was time for just one more family activity this summer.  As you slowly start to pull away, you might be sitting in utter disbelief that your child is now another grade closer to graduation.

You could see it this morning on the parent’s faces as they pulled forward with hesitation at our Great Hearts Scottsdale campus, even after their child had disappeared from their site.  This feeling of despair is only temporary, however.  It is followed by a sense of relief and accomplishment, knowing they survived the first drop-off of the school year.  This leads to some self-care in the form of a stop at Starbucks without any interruptions from the back seat.

To any parent who can relate to these feelings, remember that your child is spending the day with a professional staff who will nurture your children through the pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.  Your child will spend the day being inspired to think, speculate, articulate, and wonder.  They are developing their ability to create and dream big.  They will love spending time with their familiar friends, making new friends, and developing social skills along the way.  And when you see how excited and happy they are when you pick them up at the end of the school day, you will know you’ve made the best choice for them at Great Hearts.  Well done, parent.  It will get easier.

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