Tue, 19 September

Title 1 Annual Meeting

Join us on September 19th, 2023 for the Great Hearts Arizona Annual Title 1 Meeting. We are offering two sessions. The first at 9:30am, the second at 1:00pm. Please signup at one of the times below.

These sessions will answer the questions: 

  1. What is targeted Title I? What is school-wide Title I? 
  2. What are the Title I Grant Program requirements? 
  3. What is the school’s curriculum and forms of assessment? 
  4. How can parents and families get involved?  
  5. What resources are available for students who qualify for this assistance? 

The meeting will conclude with an open Q&A. Following the meeting, a brief survey will be distributed to collect feedback from attendees.

Questions about this event or Title I: Please email Missy Penniman at melissa.penniman@greathearts.org 

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