Mon, 18 October to Fri, 5 November

Arizona Enrollment Rollover

Current Arizona waitlisted families, rollover is your chance to climb the waitlist.


If a student is not offered a spot for the current school year, and the student’s waitlisted application is eligible to rollover to the next school year waitlist, the academy/enrollment department will contact the parents/guardians before open enrollment for the following school year begins. This will allow the parents/guardians to roll the application over to the next school year’s waitlist. The family will receive an email confirming the rollover occurred with the student information of academy, rollover grade, and also student name and DOB.

If parents/guardians rollover, they will not have to reapply for the next school year, and the application will move down the waitlist with other rollover applications. These rollover applications will be ahead of new, incoming, non-prioritized applications submitted for that school year during the open enrollment and post open enrollment period. It is crucial that families do not miss the rollover deadline set by the Lead Office and academy to ensure the student’s application is moved to the next year’s wait list.

Applications cannot roll over from one school to another. For example, waitlisted 5th grade applications for Archway Veritas cannot be rolled over to 6th grade at Veritas Prep. Furthermore, applications received after August 15th for the current school year are NOT eligible to roll over onto the waitlist for the next school year.

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