Day 1 BLOG: Senior Trip to Washington D.C.

Great Hearts Academies March 15, 2019

Capitol, Washington D.C.The Senior Trip is a long-standing and capstone experience at Great Hearts Academies. Students explore together their heritage contained in great art and architecture, scientific and technological marvels, religious, political and cultural achievements in and around the Federal City, Washington, D.C. and in Virginia. Students have a chance to visit the sites and explore the ideas that contributed to the American Founding. It is an exercise in cultivated leisure, a kind for which they have been uniquely prepared. Students engage in mutual reflections on profound things, ideas and reality come together, and as a consequence they learn more deeply Aristotle’s teaching on friendship as shared experiences.

Day 1 Blog
submitted by Maggie Wright
Glendale Preparatory Senior

We all arrive bright and early to the airport very excited for the trip ahead. After safely landing and driving to D.C. we got checked in to our hotel and got dressed up for the symphony. We made our way to the Kennedy Center which left us in awe. The outside was beautiful with a view of the Potomac River. Once inside the concert center we got to listen to “Baroque and Beyond” which was absolutely incredible. The music was bouncy and exciting as we watched the musicians move in synchrony.

After finishing at the Kennedy Center we took the metro to the National Mall. We looked at each of the monuments as the teachers explained facts about them. All of the monuments  were such powerful reminders of all that our country represents and fights for. The war memorials were really moving and emotional as they reminded us of all the people that have given their lives so that we could have the freedom that we do.  It was a fabulous first day and all of us are looking forward to the adventures of tomorrow!

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