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Great Hearts Academies August 17, 2022

Meet Patrick & Jessica Vaughan

Patrick and Jessica Vaughan moved to Phoenix, Ariz. from Dallas, TX after Patrick accepted an offer to teach Medieval History at Mesa Prep (now Arete Prep).  Patrick was impressed with the Socratic Method of teaching and the Humane Letter classes offered at Great Hearts and knew this was where he was meant to be. Now […] Read More »
Great Hearts Academies August 16, 2022

Gifted Art Reminds Academies of Shared Purpose

Great Hearts Roosevelt recently received a meaningful gift from a neighboring academy.  Great Hearts Anthem commissioned an artist to create an original painted portrait of Quentin Roosevelt, the namesake of the newest Great Hearts academy in Ariz.  The piece was painted by artist Cassia Savannah, an Anthem Prep alumnus who graduated last May.  Savannah’s stylized […] Read More »
Great Hearts Academies August 15, 2022

Athletics in Classical Education

A classical education conjures images of students in uniform, classical literature, and poetry recitations.  It doesn’t often summon images of a basketball court or football field with bleachers full of cheering fans.  But is it an accurate dichotomy that these two opposing settings are disconnected?  Is there space in Great Hearts culture for the pursuit […] Read More »
Great Hearts Academies August 12, 2022

Great Hearts Latin Teacher Featured for Inspiring Work

There is a traditional proverb that states, “Experience is the best teacher.” This statement rang true for a Great Hearts teacher who was recently interviewed by The Foothills Focus for his work this summer applying his expert knowledge of an ancient language. Joshua Anthony graduated in May 2020 from the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s […] Read More »