BLOG: Day 3 in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. March 15, 2018

Great Hearts freshman, Brighton Greathouse from Glendale Prep, received an all-expenses paid trip to Washington D.C. She will be blogging her experience for Great Hearts.

BLOG 3: Ending Days of the Conference

Day two of the conference was another successful workshop as well as the experience of an adult conference. The workshop was focused around increasing youth involvement as well as creating opportunities for success. The mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, discussed her work to help youth create companies and earn an income. Then after that we had another speaker who addressed equality verses equity and what that means for youth. After that we addressed possible issues and ways to solve them. We grouped up with people from different cities and talked about the possible issues and how we would approach solving them and the possible difficulties that could develop. After talking, we formed a quick presentation to share with the other groups. This was useful because I learned about the insight of other cities. Additionally, by creating a quick presentation, I was able to further develop the communication skills that I worked on in the previous workshops.

After the workshop, we were able to attend the adult meeting and listen in on the different policies and topics being discussed. By allowing the youth to involve themselves in the discussion as well as the option to ask questions to address their concerns shows their value of supporting the youth.

Later we went to the Holocaust museum which was very difficult to see actual depictions and people who experienced horrible things and that the people that suffered some were only as old as me. At the same time from it being mournful, it was also interesting to learn about history through a different means. Then we received a private tour of the Capital along with John Edwards and Bridget Binsbacher. It was a great to build our relationships with our council members while visiting and learning about the Capital and its history. Later that night, we met up with the city of Buckeye Council and their youth delegates helping us build a community with other parts of Arizona.

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