Artist Earns Full-Tuition Scholarship to School of Her Dreams

Great Hearts Anthem May 22, 2023

Sophia Marshall, senior at Great Hearts Anthem

Sophie Marshall, a senior at Great Hearts Anthem, will be attending her dream school, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA). “When I first learned about this school, I was immediately intrigued because of its more traditional way of teaching art,” said Sophie. “Coming from a school like Great Hearts Anthem, I really wanted another school with a more classical and traditional education. The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts is the first art school and museum in the USA, and it has stayed traditional in the way it teaches.”

Sophia Marshall, senior at Great Hearts AnthemIn addition to being accepted, Sophie received the James J. and Frances M. Maguire Artistic Excellence Scholarship, a full-tuition scholarship for four years. Only four of these scholarships are given each year based on the student’s portfolio. “I spent weeks creating a portfolio I thought was worthy, and I was so proud when I got the scholarship,” said Sophie.

“I first learned of the school and the scholarship when I attended the National Portfolio Day in Mesa. It was there that I realized this school was a school that I wanted to attend, but also that it was incredibly expensive. I realized that if I wanted to go there, I would need to get one of the full tuition scholarships.”

Monica Ware, Sophie’s College Counselor at Great Hearts Anthem, has supported her throughout her high school experience. “Sophie’s achievement is an incredible testament to her hard work and dedication.,” said Ware. “As her College Counselor, I have been impressed by her grit and determination throughout this highly selective process. This is her dream come true and it is incredible to see her achieve this goal!”

“This scholarship means that we get to send Sophie to her dream school,” said Angie Marshall, Sophie’s mother. “When Sophie discovered PAFA, it quickly became her dream school. The school she would love to go to, but financially out of reach. We told her to dream big because you never know what God’s going to do! We are thrilled and so very proud of Sophie’s hard work and that she is able to attend her dream school, and we can’t wait to see where it’s going to take her.”

Sophie plans to major in acrylic painting, which she says she loves. She also enjoys printmaking and drawing. “I’m eager to go to PAFA for all the different types of art I’ll be able to try.”

Sophia Marshall, senior at Great Hearts Anthem, with her art“Art has been a passion of Sophie’s from the time she was a little girl,” said her mom. “If ever Sophie had free time, we would usually find Sophie doing some form of art. Sophie also loves the outdoors, and the love of the outdoors has often fueled her desire to capture the beauty through the painting of landscapes. Sophie not only wants to do art, but she also wants to experience and learn from art. Even on vacations, Sophie loves to visit art museums and galleries. If you ask Sophie now, what do you want to do with your life, the only answer you’ll get is, ‘Art.’”

According to Peter Wilson, art is not the only medium that Sophie is gifted in. “Sophie Marshall is a model of the well-rounded student. As her drama teacher and dean of curriculum, I have seen her succeed in school, sports, stage, and studio,” said Wilson. “She is an academic, an athlete, and an artist.”

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