Archway Scottsdale Teacher Moonlights at the Stadiums

Archway Scottsdale March 3, 2023

What does a third-grade teacher at Archway Scottsdale and mother of three do in her spare time? Sing the National Anthem for professional sporting events, of course.  Gemma Keldrauk has sung at numerous sporting events over the years, but has recently had the pleasure of performing for multiple MLB Spring Training games, a WNBA Mercurygame, an NHL Coyotes game, and an AVP Championship Tournament held at the Footprint Center where Veritas Prep alum Sarah Sponcil competed. Read more about that Sarah and that event at

“I was ecstatic to sing at the AVP championship Tournament because I played some Beach Volleyball myself and grew up in the South Bay area of California,” recalled Keldrauk. “The Coyotes game was something really special. After I finished singing the crowd howled and it was so fabulous. THAT moment, I do hope to have again.”

Keldrauk said the process to sing at a sports event may differ depending on the situation, but for her, it started with a video she recorded of herself singing the National Anthem and sending it to a handful of local baseball stadiums via email, hoping for the best. “The worst thing that could happen is they say no, but I was blessed with a few yesses!”

Her first stage performance was a production of The Music Man when she was nine years old. Her entire family – mother, father, and sister were in the show together. “My parents were both performers and met on stage. They both have some of the most incredible voices and performance etiquette I have ever seen. I may be biased, but I really do adore their voices; I am grateful to have been blessed with some of their talent.”

To get professional coaching, she studied music at Loyola Marymount University while rowing on their Crew Team. She received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, with a voice performance emphasis.

“It is my favorite thing in the world. I come from a musically and athletically inclined family and have been performing and playing sports since I was young. Whether it is a court, field, or a stage, the level of connection you get with an audience or crowd is unparalleled, and I love it deeply. The simple and pure joy that we can get from sharing music and sports brings us to a level of human to human. It is truly so much fun and makes me feel almost euphoric. It is not every day a person gets to connect with thousands of people in just a few short minutes!”

Keldrauk said she is inspired by the love of music, and the energetic, emotional connection one can of have with others through the expression of music. “My students now know I sing more than just the occasional tune, since I have taken a day or two off so I can perform. I will be singing the Anthem for this year’s Field Day so they will hear me live soon enough!”

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