An Introduction to College Counseling

great Hearts Academies August 23, 2022

Prep Students in classGreat Hearts provides quality and individual attention to each scholar navigating the uncharted waters of college applications.  Each academy has experienced staff in place to ensure that all students and families are supported and informed when making post-secondary education decisions. Our college counselors work hard to ensure our graduates have continued success beyond high school graduation as they pursue Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

Angela Rickey, mother to a senior at Glendale Prep expressed her gratitude for the program.  “I couldn’t be more pleased about how this has helped our student prepare and feel confident to head into the college application season during his senior year,” she said.  “We are also getting support as parents for the financial decisions that come along with this transition. So thankful for the college counselors for helping us through this complicated process!”

Great Hearts College Counselors are dedicated to helping each family identify the best college fit for each student, given the student’s interests, the family goals, and the financial situation.  They will assist you and your child in finding and applying to the right college.  They will provide students with the tools to research on their own and will educate them on all the important factors of consideration. College counselors advise students and families throughout the entire process, including counseling on the selection of what college or university ultimately to attend. Along the way, they will highlight important opportunities and scholarships.  College counselors at Great Hearts Academies continuously build relationships and opportunities with the public and private universities in state as well as with national ones.

At the beginning of the junior year, a structured college planning curriculum is launched which serves to keep students focused on college calendars, deadlines, applications, summer programs, college essays, and testing. The program also covers goal setting, learning about colleges and scholarships and, most importantly, finding the right fit.  Parents and students are encouraged to meet with the counselor throughout the college admission process.

Angela Rickey said that her son had already prepared his college resume during his junior year and attended several workshops over the summer that focused on essay writing, applying to local schools, and completing applications.  “My mind was at ease with my son beginning his senior year knowing he had already applied to several state schools”

The continued success of our scholars after high school graduation is evident in our numbers.  But even more important than the acceptance rates and the scholarships awarded, our college counselors want to ensure that all students will continue to realize the fullness of their human, cultural, and personal identity well past their time at Great Hearts.

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