2024 Senior Trip to Washington D.C. – Day Four

Great Hearts Academies March 7, 2024

Students overlooking the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

It is Senior Trip time at Great Hearts where seniors throughout our academies have the opportunity to visit our nation’s capital and see the historical places and context for so many of their discussions regarding human nature, freedom, liberty, justice, and many other ideals and virtues.

“[This trip is] living out the love of community and conversation- students share this experience together. The focus is not simply for a personal experience connected to history or travel, but a communal experience has been one of sharing time, energy, food, and conversation. This trip means nothing apart from community and friendship,” explained Kyle Navarrette, Headmaster at Glendale Prep.

Follow one senior, Jackie Wang, as she gives us a daily peek at some of the amazing sites they will experience this week through her eyes and in her own words.

Senior blogger for senior trip to Washington DC
Wednesday, March 6th
Written by Jackie Wang, Great Hearts Senior

Today started solemnly. We spent the morning in Arlington National Cemetery as a class. The hills were lined with marble headstones of varying sizes and colors, the atmosphere was reverent and dignified. The greens were perfectly manicured, and the silence was deafening. We had the opportunity to see the grave of former President John F. Kennedy, his wife Jackie, and their son, John F. Kennedy, Jr. The most awe-inspiring moment was the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. It is the pinnacle of reverence for the fallen soldiers who served the country. It serves as an example of the American respect for our Armed Forces.

JFK gravesite at Arlington National Cemetery

Gravesites at Arlington National Cemetery

Once we left the cemetery, groups had free time to eat lunch and explore in the rain.

Student at a food truck

After that, we met at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It was a direct contrast to the respect we witnessed at Arlington. The museum was full of the sickeningly disturbing truths of the Holocaust. It serves as a reminder of the past. Evil actions dehumanized a whole population because of the of schemes of one man, and the quiescence of the leaders opposing him. This museum was sobering and a reminder that vigilance is required to keep history from repeating itself.

Exhibit at the Holocaust Museum

Quote on the wall of the Holocaust Museum

This evening, we went to the opening show of “Tempestuous Elements.” The play depicted the protagonist, a female principal, fighting for the educational liberty of her students in the midst of discrimination. The actors did a phenomenal job of conveying the passion of the people, and their drive to get what they wanted most, equality.

Poster for "Tempestuous Elements"

Looking forward to Thursday!

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