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Q. Does Great Hearts Academies offer pre-Kindergarten?


No. Great Hearts does not offer pre-Kindergarten.

Q. Does Great Hearts accept early Kindergarten students?


We follow state guidelines which stipulate that a child must turn five years old on or before September 1st in the year in which they are enrolling for Kindergarten. Our academies do adhere to the state guidelines regarding the minimum age for Kindergarten, and exceptions are not made for early Kindergarten admittance. As a result, we do not offer early entrance testing for Kindergarten.

Q. What is the yearly tuition at Great Hearts?


Great Hearts academies are public and tuition-free, so no tuition may be charged for grades 1-12, or for half-day Kindergarten. For parents who desire their Kindergarten student to attend full-day kindergarten, a tuition of $375 per month is charged August to May.

Q. If my child is on the waitlist, how long until I receive an offer of enrollment?


Great Hearts is unable to determine your child’s chances of being offered a spot. Initial offers for the upcoming school year will be extended in mid-January after the Enrollment Lottery. If you do not receive an offer at that time, you will receive a waitlist position, which you may track via our Parent Portal. Additionally, offers will continue to be sent out through the school year as seats become available.

Q. Why did my waitlist number change?


Great Hearts’ waitlist is ordered based on application type and any applicable priority status (e.g., sibling or transfer priority). When a seat becomes available it is offered to the first applicant on the waitlist. Applicants may move up or down the waitlist depending on application priority and/or application type.

Q. What happens to my waitlisted application for the next school year if my child does not receive an offer?


If you do not receive an offer of enrollment during the current academic year, you may choose to keep your application on the wait list for the next grade level, if the next grade level is available at the academy, for the upcoming academic year. This action must be completed during Great Hearts’ official Rollover window. Applications that roll over to the next academic year still remain on the current year waitlist and stay eligible for an enrollment offer during the current year.

Q. Is it possible to receive an offer to enroll at two academies?


Yes. Each academy’s grade level waitlists are independent, so students receive a waitlist position for each academy to which they apply.

Q. What if we miss open enrollment?


Applications can still be submitted even after the open enrollment period but will not be eligible for the lottery and will be considered post-open enrollment applications. These post-open enrollment applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis but still given Archway Graduate priority status. Please be aware post enrollment applications are not guaranteed an offer of enrollment. It is recommended that families apply during open enrollment since initial offers will begin January 10, 2018.